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What if you could design your own lifestyle and fund it with an ethical business - bringing financial security to thousands of South Wales families?

Hey there –

This is Sam, CEO of Husky Protection. If you’re feeling fenced in or undervalued in your current role, I’d love to tell you about this amazing new opportunity…

First though, I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. So let me say this:

If you're looking for “easy money”, click the BACK button now! We're not peddling snake oil here, or claiming you’ll make millions at the flick of a switch, or any of that BS.

This is for people who want to design a much better life, with ample rewards and built-in flexibility - - who understand that success is all about building relationships and being of service to others.

It’s going to take work. But if you’re the right person, you’ll take that as a given.

Okay, you're still reading! So let’s get into the detail…

This is right for you if you're fed up with the “traditional route” - the toxic mindset that's drilled into every new generation, that says:

“Find a job - work till you drop - and reap the rewards in retirement.”

That's the route that expects you to work 80 hours a week till you hit 40… the route that gives people ulcers… ages them with stress… and makes life impossible for anyone who can't slot into the 9 to 5.

It's the route that says “Be grateful for your two weeks in the sun”, and delays your freedom until the day you're too old to enjoy it!

Screw that. There's a better way, that's giving people back control of their own working lives - a new mindset, that says:

Choose your lifestyle first, then design your work life around it

  • You want to spend three months embracing life out in the Caribbean?
  • Trekking across the Andes, connecting with your soul?
  • Volunteering with a charity, giving something back?

Fine - you set the rules, and work the hours you need.

Now, let's get real. This doesn't mean “all play, no work”! You'll have to strike a balance, to put in the work that brings the rewards you’re chasing.

But you'll have the flexibility to work around your lifestyle. Whether that means chunks of time off, or just hours that fit around family life - it's all up to you.

So what will you be doing?

You'll be part of a growing team, helping families around South Wales to secure their financial future - protecting them against all the nasty unforeseen things that life and fate throw our way.

It doesn't matter if you have no financial background.

We'll give you all the training you need, so you can find the right cover for each family and build them a bespoke package of protection.

What matters to us is aptitude.

We're looking for people who share our values, with transferable skills that we can develop. So if you have a flair for problem-solving… building relationships…  multi-tasking… communication… plus a furious work ethic, and a better life in mind –

We'll get you started in your own business as an independent advisor

FINAL WORD: we're not going to lure you in here with a juicy six figure promise. We're giving you a shot at the ultimate lifestyle business, where you set your own earnings, and work whenever you choose.

It starts with a quick chat, so drop us a line: [email protected]. Tell us in a few short words why you think this is for you.

Remember - you don't have to crush your ambitions with 40+ years on the treadmill. Find a better way by helping others to build a more stable future.

Every family needs a financial back-up plan

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