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A cautious word from Sam Green - CEO, Husky Protection

I’m sure you’ll agree - when life is hectic, or money is tight, insurance can slip to the back of your mind.

That nagging “what if some day…?” voice is easy to ignore!

But setbacks have a habit of catching us off guard. Out of nowhere, you can lose your income, suffer an accident, fall ill, or lose a loved one.

Then, without financial cover, setbacks turn into catastrophes.

I know this all too well. Soon after I left university, my mother suddenly passed away – leaving an interest-only mortgage and £60,000 of credit card debt. She didn’t know the risks involved, so she had no financial cover and never made a will. And she had no idea of the problems she’d leave behind.

This happens more than you’d think

Every month, thousands of families suffer the same ordeal, with huge financial losses adding to their grief. They’ll lose their income, or even their family home. The stress is unimaginable.

And it’s not just bereavement. Any personal setback can upend your family life.

For me, this was a turning point. After helping my family get back on track, I gave up my fledgling career as a football coach to focus on helping families to avoid the same pitfalls.

That’s why I’ve set up Husky Protection, here in my adopted home of South Wales – and why I’m on a mission to help 10,000 local families by 2030.

Since you’re here, I’m sure you have people you need to protect. So let’s talk, and set up the right cover – before your family needs it.

We’ll write your will free of charge – save £140

It’s our job to protect your wishes, even if you’re no longer here. So every policy we offer comes with a free basic will.

No-one lives forever, so this is the most important thing you can do to protect your family.

Choose Your Cover

This is not “Off The Peg Insurance”! Everything is bespoke.

Here’s the thing. The web is swarming with instant quotes that will get you covered quickly – but in all that rush and noise, will you find your ideal package?

It’s unlikely. Because every policy out there has its pros and cons, and it takes an expert to pick the right needles out of the haystack.

We’ll sit down with you in person, and take time getting to know you. We’ll talk about your financial commitments and goals, your family situation and your long-term wishes. We want to hear about everything you value.

Next – because we’re independent – we’ll find you the perfect level of cover, through affordable policies that will give you peace of mind. Then as the market ebbs and flows, we’ll be keeping tabs… making sure you have the best protection every year.

Choose Your Cover

Every family needs a financial back-up plan

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