Estate Planning

Estate Planning

If you haven’t made a will yet, you’re not alone. Around 31 Million UK adults have made no provision – some intending to do it “some day”, and others thinking it’s not even needed!

Their estate is too small, or everything will go to their children anyway… so they believe.

The truth is very different:

  • What if your spouse remarries, and your children get pushed aside?
  • What if debtors make a claim on your property?
  • What if the family home has to be sold, to cover inheritance tax?
  • What if your children are left without a nominated guardian?
  • What if you’re unmarried – what happens to your partner?
  • What if the family splits, in a fight of “who gets what”?

No-one wants to talk about this. But it can all be resolved in an hour or two, so let’s sit down together and make some sensible plans.

Your will is free with us

When you take out any policy, we’ll write you a FREE BASIC WILL worth £140. You’ll only pay a fee if you need to build in extra protections.

We’ll also advise you on TRUSTS – an easy way to pass on and protect your assets, from cash and shares to property.

And while we’re safeguarding your wishes, let’s talk about a LASTING POWER OF ATTORNEY: who will you trust to make vital decisions on your behalf?

Every day, more families are left in a quandary, wishing their loved ones had made provision when they had the chance. Let’s make it easier on your family, and see your wishes honoured.

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